Rage Against the Vaccine

 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Circle the Child

We’re still a small group here in this community, and we’re still testing our edges. What can we share? How honest can we be – with ourselves and each other? How much can we lean into each other for support – and to be challenged to be our best?

Much of our information here is not actually new, but externally challenged – especially when people are in fear or are themselves challenged by uncertainty. This is even stronger when we are working with proactive yet protective parents. As practitioners and advocates our own confidence and conviction is an essential nutrient of this community. Change makers make bigger steps forward when they link arms and lean into each other. Let’s make this simple, and let’s have answers for our next level of the ripple out – those proactive patients and clients WANT to share our knowledge.

It is our job here, as change-makers, to work now at making our information accessible and useful. The truth is, mainstream is about 100 years behind homeopathic efficacy, so MY job this week is to empower you with a lightspeed response for yourself or anyone who asks:

What do I do about vaccinating my child?

The answer is: credible and supervised professional protocol.

Here’s how it goes. It’s all I got.

I am a true master at sewing together the talent-thread of a conversation, and linking the key information to usable next steps. It’s in my nature to be curious and open to new ideas, and yet the mastery has come from the desperation in my own health to find answers. I was going to go a different direction with this virtual presentation to you this week, but I want to take up the torch from where Zack Bosanac left off last week:

Here’s my innovation. I’m “iron forged” by vaccine damage. For me, it is not mythical politics, it is my every day reality. It’s the foundation of my truth on this week’s topic.

I want to open this discussion with the real reason I rage against the vaccine. It’s more than intellectual. It’s my pain-point in my own health and it was the place in my career where I dug in and decided “I have to do better.” The edits to my article (thank you for your patience!) are a bit of a coming home. I never share this, because it makes me too angry, but alas, it is the core “why” of this community at all. If only I had been more informed. My life would be totally different if I had had the opportunity to ask questions.

Twenty years ago, almost exactly, I did “what they tell me”, and under my own steam, I walked into a community centre and I got a flu shot. I was at the prime of my life. I don’t even know how many days a year I skied – even the days they didn’t pay me. I ran 5 km every day on the off-season and I had a very successful painting business when it wasn’t snowing.

One month after the vaccine, I was taking naps on the lift, and falling asleep eating my lunch. I stopped back country skiing. Six months later, I had chronic fatigue and was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder. I couldn’t take the Ritalin I was prescribed; the child’s dose was too strong. My driver’s license was suspended and I couldn’t run my business unless my parents delivered me and my equipment to the job. This was the anti-poster child of “cool” at 26.

After almost 2 years of struggling to find a solution, I saw an Iridologist – who in his study to become a Homeopath, used me as his case study. I got state of the art care, a state of the art network of teachers and colleagues to mentor me, and I went back to the mountains and opened my first practice.

There are lots of years in between, and ten years ago I started working in online communities. Being in practice was amazing, but frustrating. People were motivated to be in charge of their health, as I had been, but they were so misinformed. I can let a lot of that go, for the good of change, and be patient, until it comes to vaccines. I get too angry. In fact, I generally refuse to discuss it.

“Oh, you’re a Homeopath, so you must be an anti-vaxer. I think that’s… ” Then they tell me which side they’re on. I’m paraphrasing, but vaccination is just the sticking point. I rage against the vaccine in my career space because it is the epitome of capitalist health care. Pharmaceutical companies are selling you disease, so they can make you better.

Let me do better here this week. That’s my offer. I’m not going to rage against the vaccine, and tell you all the reasons they’re bad, or you’re bad; I’m going to tell you the informed truth, as much as I know it, so you can make informed choices for you and your family.

First, let’s get the FALSE out of the way:

Homeopathic vaccination as an alternative? It is (abso-effing-lutely) false. It is an allopathic deduction to use homeopathy that way. You can read about that in the a, but let’s not waste our time on misinformation.

Homeopathic vaccines? Quickly. Impossible – in practice and in theory. You cannot treat with homeopathy a physical disease that is not yet present. Don’t risk your kids on the debate. Here’s a good article to describe the science:


It’s off the table because it’s a lie. Homeopaths who prescribe this are just bad students of homeopathy and looking to make money in the same kind of way that pharmaceutical companies do – by using your misinformation, your trust, and your bodies to make money. The Homeopaths who prescribe this, do very very well in their practices. That’s where we’re at, point blank.

The truth is, most Homeopaths, are PRO-vaxers – provided the vaccination is done correctly.

The truth is, doing correctly means knowing the facts. The average bear still sails smoothly, and the non-average children are obvious homeopathically. They have constitutions, that are specifically “acute” projections of the mother’s constitutions that are predictors of the required energetic state that must be already present in vaccine damage.

We will not talk about specific remedies here (these are medicines), but the predictors in the mother for a child who will be susceptible to vaccine damage are: grief, overwork, exhaustion (any level), rejection and resentment. These women are often taking oral birth control pills, which create exhaustion and an environment of poor assimilation. Essentially, the mother’s health is the best predictor of vaccine damage in children – not the child’s.

In adults, this is the same – but we have done it ourselves – in that our constitutions and current physical condition predict our vaccination response. In my case, I was physically exhausted at the time of the vaccination. If I had waited a few weeks, the results would have likely been different – especially since I have never had the flu. I am not constitutionally susceptible to that kind of virus. The potential for vaccine damage increases when the virus itself is dissimilar.

That’s a mouthful. That’s why people reject homeopathy. That doesn’t really make sense in the medical world, because it’s physics. No one really likes physics. It’s fancy, but it’s not applicable. So let’s pull it out of the air. Let’s make it useful and accessible. Remember, the answer is: get off Google and empower yourself to call a professional. Don’t be angry, be smart. It’s easy.

Let’s talk instead about the simple things you can DO to make vaccinations healthy – because you can. (It IS possible.)

Here are the steps:

1. Be completely strong and healthy when you receive your vaccine. You cannot be “off.” If you are an adult, you cannot be exhausted.

Fun fact: Flu vaccines do not “bother” the elderly or the (actually) immune compromised because the body ignores them. LOTS of viruses live in the elderly, unexpressed. It is normal. It is also normal for the elderly to die of the flu. It is normal for them to be weakened.

2. WOMEN. You’re special. Caring for the totality of your own health before conception and during pregnancy is the key to the next generation’s vaccine damage. Get healthy and know your own priorities. The next generation comes from your actual body – not a magazine, or a paycheque, or protein bar. You’re it. Treat yourself like you would a brand new child… and then have kids. You matter.

MEN. You’re not exempt. Show up. Children are not the product of a magazine, or a paycheque, or a protein bar. It is less direct, perhaps, but treat yourself like you would a brand new child… and then have kids. You matter.

3. PARENTS. Have your child’s vaccinations supervised and guided by a Naturpath – specifically. There are homeopathic therapeutic protocols that work brilliantly – but Naturpathy is the best equipped modality to handle vaccination protocols at this time in history. They straddle allopathy and natural medicine more effectively – and they have the credibility and experience. They are accessible.

That’s it. It is not difficult. What makes it difficult is fear, misinformation, too much information, empowering the wrong professionals, allopathic conjecture. What creates the polarity is the outrage we feel from the negative experiences of our friends and loved ones. Vaccine damage is real, and the affects are not subtle. It is profound evolutionary medicine – that is also real.

Pause for a moment and remember Raggedy Ann. That doll was popularised along with the story of a little girl who died as a result of vaccine damage. It is not a new phenomenon. We must ourselves innovate with the information we have at hand.

The next step after a tantrum, after the anger in any human experience, is to ask ourselves:

How can we do better?

How can we innovate?

How can we create a successful result?

So, in conclusion, from a homeopathic perspective, you can create positive results from vaccination by being in charge of first your own health, and then your vaccine protocol. Pass it on. Share that.

That starts with unplugging from the rage-frenzy and making an appointment with an actual professional. If you don’t know who to call, call me, my rolodex is phat with state of the art colleagues. All of them work online.

We can do this Kids’ fans. It IS possible.

This community matters. I’m a Homeopath. In my 15 years of practice, it became a goal to create ways for kids not just to heal, but to thrive. In my heart, I knew this can only be achieved by making practical structures for “the new paradigm”, and in a big picture way. I believe this is how we do it, in an on-line and community-based way. First, we support each other as practitioners and professionals, we make the home. Then, we invite parents to come and sit with us in our living room – to learn from us, and to receive our care. The culture we create here will inform their daily lives.



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