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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip


Last spring I planted seeds, in these seeds I made promises. One for my son and the other for a family member.

A promise is a declaration of improvement. I made a promise to my son as a thank you for all the love he has shown me. This young man is a fine citizen. He is liked by all who meet him.

I think back to the day he was born. I made a promise that I would love him unconditionally—a promise I kept. I didn’t know on that day how much I would need him.

My son is a gift I didn’t even know I would need. He fills my life with immense joy. I went through a painful divorce and fell into darkness. He was there. I know it wasn’t easy for him. I made it through that storm because of him. I am so thankful for his unconditional love.

He wanted me to write a story. A story about “Thor” his giant Russian Blue cat. I kept my promise. I have written three stories about Thor. I have even shared them on “Creatively Hip.” My son has read the stories and loved them.

My promise to him gifted me in another way. It opened up a conversation with my son about stories and writing. My son shared with me an amazing story he created in his beautiful mind. What an amazing experience and conversation to have with him. This one little seed opened a door I hadn’t seen before.

My next promise was to a family member who wanted me to find love. I made a list of the qualities I wanted in a mate. My expectations are high. I want the same qualities I give.

I went outside of my comfort zone. I ventured away from my little circle. I didn’t find love. I was reintroduced to someone I had forgotten about…myself.

This promise led me to an unexpected place. A place deep down inside of me—this young giddy girl who is full of joy, love and life. I am now using her eyes to see the world and most importantly, the woman I am today. When you plant seeds you never know what is going to happen. You nurture them, water them and put them in the sun. You wait, life steps in, some seeds are taken by birds or deer, other seeds are damaged by the weather.

Every time I plant seeds I am surprised how they turn out. This year was no exception. My promises turned out better than I ever expected. I am so thankful I planted seeds of promise.



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