Plant Growth

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis.com


“My house is where plants come to die.” I want to change this pattern.

I bought a new plant and was given one as a gift. I must keep them alive! As I repot my new little plant my hands are moist in the soil. I look out and see the neighborhood is in a planting frenzy. I imagine all they are planting in their soil. What seeds do I need to plant in my soil?

I close my eyes and breathe in the fresh morning air. I want to plant a seed of love. I need to see love in all walks of life, recognize love and fill my cup with all the love around me that I may not see.

I plant a seed for my inner child. I embrace my inner child and let her shine, dance and skip to the beat of her own music. I will use her as my guide for my stories. Her energy will explode from my fingertips. I will hold her with love in her own space.

A seed for dance. I will use dance as my daily meditation. I will let the ebb and flow relax me. I will let my mind wander, creativity will flow. I am excited for the stories I will create.

I returned to the soil. My seeds have been planted. I have a fabulous season ahead. My creativity will be alive, I will have love in my life and my plants will still be alive. (A friend offered help and I have accepted! I am so thankful as are my plants.)


Write on, Ladies.



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