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“What do I do perfectly?” My nighttime skin routine.

At the end of the day I feel dirty and tired. I tie my hair up. I set the water to an ice cold temperature. I rinse my face. I can feel my pores opening. As I rub the soap into my pores I feel every wrinkle, bump and crevice along my face. I can feel the grime run down my cheeks. I rinse in lukewarm water. I apply a skin softener and rinse again.  I look myself in the eye. I see areas I missed. The cleansing wipe finishes the job. I let my skin breathe.

I brush and floss my teeth. Then the mouth rinse. My mouth feels clean and amazing.

I apply night cream to my face. I use a warm beauty brush to smooth the cream along the face. My face feels warm and soft.

I apply a lip hydrator.

My final touch is a drop in each eye.

I untie my hair.

I look in the mirror again. It is the end of the day. My dark circles are exposed. My face is cleansed. My teeth and mouth are clean. I feel refreshed. My skin is glowing. My eyes are shining. I feel beautiful. At the end of a long day I take care of me. I have a perfect routine. I could do it in the dark. I know every inch of my face. I take care of it perfectly.

I know there are products now where all these steps are condensed to one. I like my multi step ritual. It is good for my skin and great for me. This nightly routine is something I am perfect at. I have it memorized. My routine would probably make a professional esthetician cringe. This system works for me and my skin. I feel like I accomplished something good for me. I am taking care of me.

At the end of each day my face is perfectly clean. I have stripped off everything that made me feel beautiful and good about myself. And at the end of the day here I am feeling refreshed. All because of how my routine makes me feel. I enjoy this nightly ritual. It only takes ten minutes. It makes me feel good about myself. I like the sense of renewal I feel at the end of the day. I love the imperfect woman in the mirror.

I strive all day to be perfect. I finally reach that moment of perfection at the end of each day.

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

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