Pencil Me In For a Catch-up!

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Let’s go for a coffee. Ahh the bliss of a coffee catch up. What does that look like for you? For me there are themes that change based on season or moods. But if you and I were to go for a coffee this week here’s what it would look like.

I love this time of the year. The leaves on the trees are bursting with colours and there is a slight chill in the air. It’s perfect poncho weather and definitely perfect weather for a warm toasty drink. So it’s going to be a walk and talk for sure to maximize the experience.

We meet at the agreed upon place. In my town there is a small independent shop that I love to go to. The atmosphere is great. They have also some great truffles if you need a bit of sweet to power you on your walk. All locally sourced so it’s a feel good kinda purchase.

When you meet me here, first thing first, you are going to get a hug. That’s just how I roll. Usually it’s an excited squeeze lasting at least 20 seconds because then I know there’s been a release of oxytocin. Win for both of us. Then there will likely be an argument over who’s paying for the drinks. Once that is sorted we catch up and wait for the drinks to be made. Well maybe not yours if you prefer a plain coffee.  But I wait for my drink. My coffee of choice is a latte made with skim milk. Always laced with sweet. I’ve dabbled with caramel and vanilla flavour but right now my go to is hazelnut. I love the rich aroma and the sweetness as I sip it. Just tasting it, I am content.

With drinks in hand we head outdoors to walk. There’s a great place in town, beautiful wooded trail that ends at a beautiful little pond. I love the crunch of the leaves underfoot and the sun beaming through the rainbow coloured leaves as we walk.

So what do we talk about? I open it up to whatever you want to talk about. Lately I am recognizing that whatever is coming up for people around me is a topic that is somehow parallel to what is going on for me. Synchronicities are all around. There really are no coincidences. It’s an opportunity to listen and learn. And then to share. Share learnings on the life situation.Theirs or mine or both. The recurring theme for the last few weeks that keeps popping up at work, in my clients, and in my text exchanges is likely to have this element in it. The beauty of the this walk n talk with these toasty coffees in hand is that it satisfies that need for both of us. Again another win-win. The chatter is animated, it vibrates at a high frequency. There is an energizing buzz about it.

Inevitably the date is over too soon. It’s time to return to the other of life’s commitments. One of us will remark on how it seems like there is never enough time for a proper catch up. And just as the date started it ends with another long hug.

We definitely need to book another coffee date soon.

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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