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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip


As I began contemplating my intention for 2020, I had many ideas and thoughts floating around in my mind. I got to the point of overthinking. I had to stop. I needed to just be.

I began to stretch and let my mind and body go. I love this daily ritual. Then it appeared in my head…passion. That is what I want for 2020.

Now before you get too excited. This isn’t a romantic passion. “Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.” That is what I need in 2020.

I want to be passionate about life. I want passion for my mind, body and soul. My passionate energy can move others and myself.

When I go to work with passion, I am being present in the moment. I am happy for the day. My enthusiasm is contagious. My sunny disposition flows onto others. I am a happy productive employee.

Putting that same passion into the food I select for my body’s nourishment makes me chose a healthy lifestyle. I am excited for how my body will look and feel.

My passion for my health is the key to being present each day. I can dance with freedom. My body has no restraints, because I take care of it. I move with a driven passion.

Afterwards, I stretch my muscles and relax my mind. I am in my own unique meditation. I am at peace. A passion-filled peace. A place of deep rest.

I will have a passion for writing. My writing was dormant for fifteen years. Then I was blessed with the opportunity to write for Creatively Hip. I look forward to writing each week. I am even back to writing just for fun. I hope to continue this passion in 2020.

And to shake things up this year, I am passionately going to reach outside my comfort zone. I am trying new foods and experiencing new things. I am not afraid. I am full of passionate excitement.

I went to the symphony last night. My soul was needing music. There I witnessed deep passion. The musicians’ love of music shined through into their phenomenal deeply passionate performance. Their beautiful music flowed into the theater. Passion filled my soul and my heart was full.

I glanced up at the musical words that were interpreted on a screen, “Have a deep passion.” Affirmation…my year will be full of passion.

Happy New Year!



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