Our Best Selves: The Evolution of Our Collective Voice

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Creatively Hip

Ladies, this week’s topic blows my heart wide open. I love where our discussion on the private site has taken me. I had the opportunity of a pause of sorts too (thank you, Liz!). Last weekend, after posting the topic, I closed my computer and left it on my desk, turned out the lights, and went on a spontaneous road trip with my brother—to Woodstock NY, to see Ani Difranco in Levon Helm’s big ol’ barn of awesome. It was literally the experience of a lifetime.

I could spend probably 10K words telling you all about this, but in short, it was like a 3-day excursion through my childhood, high school, university, some jumping off of things, my 30’s, and well, even a dash of dreaded 40’s! By the time he dropped me off on Monday night, I was so poignantly aware and proud of all the things I have experienced and become. As I watched and listened to Ani sing her heart into the audience, I reflected on how her expression had matured and clarified since I had seen her in concert 25 years ago in Peterborough Ontario. She’s not the same; she’s better.

More than that even, I was just so acutely aware of how this project has changed and grown into something magnificent. When I opened my computer Tuesday morning to read your shares and catch up on the conversation, I was seeing it with brand new eyes—more mature eyes, perhaps.

It is suddenly amazing to me how our collective voice has evolved. We have truly become the intended voice: clear, confident, loving, honest, authentic, and grounded. Real. I wanted us to collectively advocate for the modern woman who, to spite the media-projected weaknesses women all ostensibly possess, chooses to be whole—unbroken and undaunted, powerful, loving, limitless—and living an actual life at the same time. Pass the beer nuts. To me, this is a normal woman’s voice because it is mine—it is my best self when I choose to be her—but it has also been one hell of a feat. I have had to learn not to fight the projections like the freaking gladiator I am, but instead to ground into the positive reflections you (the 5 years worth of collective voice) have provided, and to stay there long enough to “let go” (Liz… heh?… see what I’m sayin’) and let this project evolve. I have always said that I am our best customer, and I truly am.

I am not the same woman I was 25 years ago; I am better. I am my best self, for real. All of the time.

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