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I am naturally curious, always was, always will be, and I’m proud of it. In fact, I think it is one of my best characteristics as it keeps me engaged in life, and constantly learning and opening up to new stuff.

I ask myself, which topics of continual learning have helped me the most, and I have to say one of them would be a system I discovered years ago, a unique personality typing system. It allowed me not only to understand myself on a much deeper level by knowing how I move through life, but it made me realize that some of my perceived weaknesses were simply badly managed strengths. Knowing this allows me to change how I deal with them, and also to sometimes laugh at myself, such as when I clean up my home swiftly in a way others could probably only describe as chaotic. Well, doing it my way makes me feel good about myself, it feeds my energy and I get it done quickly, too! Also, understanding the different energy types (as some refer to them), helps me realize when others are simply acting according to their type and I can appreciate it. This information benefits me, but also all of my relationships.

There are different things I am currently learning. In fact it seems there are always several things, as I have very diverse interests.

Yoga: I love good cosmetics, but recently I felt the need to support my skin in an additional way – Face Yoga. The thing is that doing these facial exercises makes me become more aware of how I use my face in daily life, so it won’t just help me age better, but lessen the stern look on my face! Hey, what a benefit!

Astronomy: I have had a thing for astronomy all my life, but viewing the recent lunar eclipse (July), here in Europe, the interest was reignited. I love moon watching and this event made it extra special. There was even quite a crowd watching it from the banks of the Isar, the river near my home. I downloaded an app, which I use to look at the night sky and locate the different stars and planets. I don’t know too many stellar constellations yet, but I’ve learned at least two new ones using it, and I have found a free online course for more. Each time I learn about this amazing and vast universe, and its creations, I am humbled and grateful to be alive.

Documentaries: Recently I am enjoying documentaries on TV. It first started with some about astronomy, black holes and such, but there are many more topics to feed my mind, and when I’m finished I have this feeling of satisfaction and the thrill of having grown my knowledge!

Hair: I have curly hair and even if I never hated my curls as many other curly girls and women out there do, I was never fully satisfied with my results in styling them. In looking for new resources I recently found the Curly Girl method, a way to treat and style your hair very naturally, and as is so typical for me, I jumped in fully. I am slowly seeing better results, but the effects of that journey go way beyond better looking hair. This is such a personal journey because each curly head’s likes and dislikes are different and even change with time. It allows me to grow my acceptance as well as my patience for both my hair, as well as myself. That way it is a conduit for more self love!

Life is continually offering us learning opportunities, and that is a beautiful thing. To me learning can open up my soul to a whole new universe in a very exciting way, while at the same time feeding it so I can feel utterly alive! And I just love that.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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