Open Doors With a Yes

 In Mindfulness and Meditation, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Yes. A small and mighty word.

In this new era, these new unchartered times we can choose to say I’ll wait and see or we can choose action by saying YES when opportunity pops up.

What opportunities are lurking for you?

I have heard the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” all my life. While on some level I always understood the wisdom in that, now it’s clearly tangible. So what is a necessity right now? PEACE. So I say yes to what brings me peace and what peace I can bring others. Offering remote healings to clients, accepting online interviews to share Huna with others, posting inspiring or just funny laugh until you cry posts.

In Huna healing comes from the heart. In Aloha (love) all things are possible. Healing comes from love. To love is to say YES to healing. To say Yes to healing is to open new doors.

Aloha my friends.



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