Oh Christmas Tree!

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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


It’s a Christmas tradition!

Over the years there have been many. I would say it has been an evolution of things to savour and enjoy at Christmas. The one constant though for me has been the Christmas tree.

I feel like Elf from the movie when I see a Christmas tree. I can remember as a little girl being captivated by Christmas trees. Even now I can stare at them completely enthralled by the sparkles and the twinkling. And like Elf, to me each and every tree is magical.

While the Christmas trees have changed over time as have the decorations, the feeling of joy it elicits warms my heart.  When I lived away for University, my roommates and I put up a tree, lit up with coloured lights. I can’t even remember the decorations or the topper but I remember the glow of the multicoloured lights. Living in my first apartment that I shared with my brother, we put up a tree. A hand me down from my parents that was sparse but still, the glow of the twinkling lights made it Christmas.

Alone in my first condo, I put up a tree. Yup, just for me. Now in my grown-up home, leading up to Christmas I love to sit curled up on the couch at night and just admire the twinkling of the lights and the rainbows of reflections cast by the sparkles of the decorations. It’s soothing, calming, mesmerizing. In that moment I feel peace.

My favourite is the lit tree Christmas morning. There is something magical about coming down in the dark on Christmas mornings with just the light of the Christmas tree casting a sweet dim glow. It never gets old. I now find myself running down to beat the kids so I can capture on camera the joy on their faces in the glow of the Christmas tree.

The tree is a symbol of gathering on Christmas morning. It’s a symbol of sheer joy and glee. As the kids open their gifts I get to admire them and the twinkling tree all in one brilliant moment. I sip my coffee with a wee bit of Baileys, snuggle into my husband on the couch and smile. Joy is all around us. This is bliss.



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