No Such Thing as an Ordinary Flower

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip

Negative thoughts are easy to believe. Realizing you are a beautiful unique person can be difficult. I have been in a dark place this week. In order to change my attitude, I reluctantly went to lunch with a friend. I decided before I arrived to let go of my dark cloud and thanks to this week’s topic…to be my best self.

I held my head up, no looking down. I walk through the door as the imperfect woman I am. I smiled at the hostess. She said, “Hi Collette.” I was shocked, “How did you know I was Collette?”

“Your friend said to look for a blonde with a radiant smile.”

Aww. To see ourselves as others do. I do not see myself this way. My friend is so beautiful and humorous. She is a bright light. I want to be like her, but I can’t. It is not in my DNA. She is unique. I am unique. We each need to accept ourselves as we are. This is what I need to remember. We all have great qualities. We need to embrace those qualities and appreciate them. My friend likes me for the imperfect woman I am. I am blessed to be her friend. She lifted my cloud.

I am my best self just being with her. I am smiling, laughing, listening—sharing food and engaging life. I am happy I went to lunch. My dark cloud has lifted.

Later on that evening my son called. I got emotional when I mention my dark cloud. He reminded me about how my children see me. I cried. Why can’t I see myself as they do?

Why do I let a dark cloud control how I see myself? I need to remember how others treat me. People are kind to me because I am kind to them. I am putting out love, peace and kindness on a daily basis. Why? Because it is who I am, the world is full of enough meanness. I can’t be mean. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

I am my best self every day, even when I have a dark cloud overhead. This makes me happy knowing I am kind even when I don’t feel good about me.

I wake up today in sunshine. I smile. I put on music and dance. My body moves and breathes. My mind, body and soul are free. I am strong, confident, smart, thankful, full of emotions, love and kindness. I am me, the best woman I can be.

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