Night Owl

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


For me the guilty pleasure is going to bed late. I feel like I’ve been like that all my life. I remember when I was a child I was too curious of what was going on once I would go to bed, especial when we had visitors. It was the fear of missing out I guess. It’s still the same though. I had a conversation with a friend this year; going to bed late was its topic. We both agreed that even when we are drop dead tired going to bed at say 8 or even 9 p.m. seems ridiculous to us as we would both have the feeling that we’d miss out on an important part of the day!

Seriously, there are so many good reasons to stay up late.

  • Because it’s the quietest time of the day, which makes it a great time to wind down and relax. Well and get things done I had planned to do.
  • Because it’s that quiet time that also makes me think of a new project I just can’t wait to start, so I do it right there and then.
  • Because I just have to finish this one episode, only to have the next one start right after automatically. And did you notice that some of the best shows and documentaries start really late at night?
  • Because I am so tired I can’t get up from the couch to go through my bedtime routine. It’s just too exhausting, so I need to sit here and build up the momentum.
  • Because whenever I plan to go to bed a little earlier for sure someone calls, I have to prepare something for the next day or I simply won’t fall asleep for two hours.
  • Because there is something thrilling about being up that late, as if I’m the only one left on this planet or at least the last one still awake in my street with all the lights off in the other houses.
  • Because once I stand in the bathroom to get ready for bed I finally remember what I wanted to look up online all night long and I can’t go to bed without. Honestly I might have forgotten it all together by tomorrow morning!
  • Because I have to read before switching off the lights. It’s a must no matter the time and some books are so good I just can’t stop reading despite the guilty glances at my alarm clock. Luckily these days I at least don’t need to crawl underneath the blanket with a flashlight anymore so my mother won’t catch me.


This week’s homework:

What’s your guilty pleasure that does and doesn’t make sense?

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