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Written by: Collette Cottingham, Anontropolis


I realized by the end of the the book I was a Witch. Reading a good book can transform you into anything or anyone. You are in the thick of it all, just like the characters.

I starting reading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” in 2002. Since I was an “adult” I had a different perspective than my children. It was difficult reading the first couple of chapters.

I would call my sister sobbing, “I want you to know if you die tomorrow I will love your children as if they were my own!” She of course wanted to know where this was coming from… “The children’s book I am reading.” She laughed, a book for children was upsetting me.

I pushed through the darkness those first chapters held and I found a book that tackled all the ups and downs of life. The book contained all different types of people with their oddities. These people were challenged in many different ways.

Each person handled things differently. They were shaped by their upbringing, income level, physical abilities or lack of. I found myself within the pages.

I finished all the “Harry Potter Books.” I even read them to my children. I bought the complete collection for each of my dollhouses.

The books provided obstacles that were able to be overtaken. You can view someone as weak when they are really quite strong. The books took me into another world. A place of magic, friendship and perseverance. A place where you believe in yourself. These books provide the perfect escape for laughter, tears, mystery and excitement.

I am a character. I am a Witch. I don’t have an athletic ability, but I am strong. I persevere. I have a mighty will and determination. If the sorting hat was waved over my head it would shout “Therapy” or “Ravenclaw.”

“Working hard is important, but there is something that matters even more, Believing in yourself.” ~Harry Potter


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