My Muse

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


I lost my muse. He passed away on a warm October day. His passing sent me into an emotional fog. It was sudden and shocking. Did he understand how much he gave?

I am at a loss. Can I write without him? I don’t feel like I can. The connection is broken. I feel numb.

Thor was a cat no one wanted. His days in the shelter turned into years. Until a college student stopped by. He took one look at Thor sitting there like a human and in that instant Thor found his forever home.

I wish my son could have saved Thor from the shelter sooner, but I can’t time travel…yet. In my sorrow I decided to take myself on an artist date.

I needed inspiration from my muse. I decided to make a “Coffee Table” book. I would fill the book with Thor’s amazing life in photos.

My muse is still with me. He lives in my heart.



Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me about your muse?


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