My Lighthouse

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham


The current was strong today. I struggled to get upstream. I fought for hours only to have moved a few inches. I was exhausted. I finally let go. The current overwhelmed me and pushed me to the shore. I laid on the shore. I was paralyzed with no energy to move.

Some days are like this even in Australia. The exhaustion can be mental, physical or a combination of both. I work very hard to keep myself from becoming exhausted, but it still happens time to time like a fish suddenly caught on a hook.

You know when you wake in the morning and stumble to the bathroom and find yourself applying night cream to your face instead of a light lotion. I know I am exhausted when my “auto pilot” fails me.

I become heavy unable to lift myself from the shore. Suddenly I am filled with a warm glow. The brightness of the light causes me to squint. It is my lighthouse shining down upon me.

Her light gives me strength. I have a new wind in my sail. I am to get off the shore and into my life.

I follow her light. She guides me to rest and restore with a hot bath, beautiful music, a good book or simple sleep. I am guided to the needs of my mind and body. It can be yoga, dance or a walk, my inner lighthouse has the answers. She knows what I need to recharge.

She is there shining across the shore guiding me to a happy, healthy life.

Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me where your lighthouse guides you?

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