Moving Forward

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


Deja Vu, conflicts, change, heights, bad breath, and the unknown are all things I fear. My life is full of fear. The “what if’s” could completely take over my life. I had to step back and examine my life.

I realized everything always worked out. Maybe not the way I planned, but it worked out as it was supposed to. I am being guided. I have to move past my fear. I do this by following my gut. My gut knows the way.

There is still one area that makes my gut do flip flops. In my writing when I finish a piece. I am filled with happiness. Then my thoughts go “will others like it?”

I have to move past those thoughts. No everyone won’t like it, but some will. And by some small chance if no one likes my story I will be okay. I will learn something, be stronger and I will move forward.


Inspiration Challenge:

Write a humorous tale about the last thing you were scared of!


Write On Ladies, Write On



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