This Week’s Topic – Mission Possible

 In This Week's Topic


We’ve changed our name but not our outlook. We’re still us, and I’m still me! I’m 100% committed to bringing back reality.

By consciously choosing the people and energies we spend the most time with, we create the best future possible for ourselves and the people we love.

We create our own reality, and with that in mind, everything becomes possible. 

This week, let’s explore that buzzword we see and hear in the work that we do:


In today’s landscape of media, entertainment, Covid, changing weather, obligations and inspirations, how do you uplevel? What is your practical reality?

Planes, trains, and automobiles.

And soaring with the Eagles.

How do you do?!


Quick reminder – these topics are meant to inspire you in your everyday life and in our collective thinking. Interact with them as you wish. Use them as a prompt for your blog articles if you like, but also feel so (damn) free to stretch out and write to what you are seeing in your own fantastic world! We’re blazin’ a big swathe through the forest, a cote, geradeaus.



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