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Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis



Leadership is her own woman. 

She whirls around the world, borrowing our bodies, and using our voices to care for her kingdom. She speaks through us in ways that she knows we can deliver a message, and that it will be received.

It’s natural order, and natural human expression that she rides. We are her vehicle.

Our discussion topic this week, is a field trip to Memeville, where we’ll use the social virus of memes to deliver a powerful message that we make ourselves.

Here’s what I did:

The meme that touched what I was missing during the Covid lockdowns was: I don’t need another positive quote, I need a concert.

At the time it made me laugh, and it also spoke directly to what I was missing. I had a feeling about what I was missing, but I couldn’t define it. After reading that meme, I started searching out live music concerts on You Tube, and even attended some live stream events. It moved me to fulfill that need, rather than wallow in that feeling of loss.

I then chose a picture that spoke to me. This time, it was the costumes and the three women standing together on the stage. It reminded me of DakhaBrakha – one of the most incredible concerts I’ve ever seen. I can’t watch them on You Tube without it invoking that emotional memory in me. It was so powerful. They are from The Ukraine.


How relevant is their music now, their social leadership? Their message is delivered straight into your heart, and there is a feeling of strength and rightness.

When I saw them in concert, the man gave a brief introduction of their music, their names, and the instruments. He closed with the statement:

We are from Free Ukraine.

It was singular not just because of the music, but the audience made no sound after he said that. I remember at the time not really knowing what that meant, but my body understood it, and my entire being stood behind him. Where ever he was leading me, I would follow, and I would stand behind him.

I know what that means now. 

I listened to this concert, while I was putting the text on the meme. The software offered me a quote template, so as I moved that around and adjusted the font, I almost edited out who said the quote. But the famous person in the template was Einstein, so I thought: who is the Einstein-like person or entity who would say the meme. Mother Nature of course!

And for a bonus (that’s my fave part of any discussion challenge we have together), I changed the quote to say “live music” because everything in nature is alive. It comes together like an orchestra, and we listen with reverence.

So… this week is more of a tactile creative adventure than a discussion. You may not have the time or the tech skills to make a meme, but you are certainly reading them on your own – or people are sending them to you! It’s become a natural social language, and our task together this week is to notice which ones move us, and how. Just noting their power is enough. Note how they influence you, how they lead you.

What memes move you?

What memes do you share?

What memes create action?

Memes are a vehicle of modern leadership, and you are engaging in powerful change (or not, for good reason).

You know what to do now!

Quite simply:

Lady, how do you do?!!

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