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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


Have you lost yourself? I lost myself six years ago. At the time I was utterly devastated. I had spent years building a false facade. It was time to return to University. I would study communication. My major was me.

Like any degree it took a couple years of study. There were sleepless nights, panic attacks, tears, laughter and happiness. I was learning about me.

I discovered dance made me happy and provided inspiration. I loved long walks in nature, listening to live music, history books and writing.

I had forgotten my love of writing. I now write every day. I dance every day too. Dancing awakens my creativity. I am alive, happy and strong. The stories flow from my mind.

My next adventure is at my fingertips. I think everyone should step back and do a deep study of who they truly are. It is a gift I have given to myself.

Knowing who I am brings me happiness. Happiness makes me a better friend, daughter, sister, mom, grandma and aunt. Life is good.

Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me something new you discovered about yourself.

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