Making Memories

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip


I sought inspiration this week by spending quality time with my mom. My schedule becomes hectic at times. It is important for me to schedule quality time fostering relationships.

I spent time with my mom making a photo calendar. This is a project we do every year. Before you ooh and ahh I will tell you this isn’t as fun as it sounds.

We have twelve months to squeeze in photos of my parents, their children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren. No one can be missed! My mom is all about being equal.

The very thought of this project stresses me out. Our negative energy fills the room. My father came in from outside to visit. The minute he realized we were going to work on the calendar he turned around and headed back outside.

This year I took a deep breath. No stress, I am going to let it be. This is an artistic creation. This is a collaboration between my mom and me. Our unique style wrapped in love.

By letting go of the negative energy I really enjoy this project. We got through the month of October! Only two months left and those months are already sketched out. I am proud of us.

My bonus for the date was learning more about my mom. She used to write! I had no idea. She kept her stories in a journal. The journal was kept under a mattress in the furnished apartment my dad and her rented.

She kept the journal there because she didn’t want anyone reading her work. I used to be the same way. I knew if others read my work they wouldn’t like it.

I have changed. I know I am not the best writer. My writing is simple and from the heart. Not everyone loves my work, but that is okay. I am happy my work has been dusted off and shared.

My work is my memories and my view of life. My words are the memories I am leaving behind.

My day gave me a new perspective of my mom and a joyous time of creating a collage of memories from the photos of our past.



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