Making History and Having Fun With It

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Eleanor Roosevelt said “Well behaved women rarely make history”. 

So who defines what “well” behaved means? And does this mean that this label of well behaved applies only to women or that men can misbehave and also make history? And then history…….to say I’ve made history holy smokes that’s a big one!

Let’s break down what it is to behave. Behaviour is an action that results from a trigger. Eg Trigger, chocolate cake. Behaviour: Eat the cake or not eat the cake and drink water instead. So a single trigger can in fact lead to multiple behaviours. After said behaviour comes the consequence. Eg. Guilt from eating the cake, satisfaction from eating the cake or  sadness because there is no more cake. Again a single behaviour can trigger multiple consequences. And it’s how we see that consequence that then leads us to label the cake eating behaviour. The beauty in that is I CAN MAKE THE CHOICE as to how I label the behaviour. (hint it would be eat the cake and wash it down with some nice wine 😉 and savour every morcel).

So then how does my behaviour, whether I deem them “good” or “bad”, lead to me making history? Don’t know if on the worldwide scale I can say I make history so that the whole world would know me,  but I do believe in the ripple effect. I do believe that I leave my mark and thus history to someone when I consciously work to making a positive impact in every interaction. When I choose compassion over judgement in a trying communication with someone, I hope that the person shows that compassion forward thus impacting another. Spreading that ripple a little more. When I post a blog or share a story that gives hope to another. When I parent and instill values of respect for self and others in my children, and more so when I demonstrate the values of self love and loving others to them, I think I am making an impact. So to me the little and big things are how history is being made. If I am stuck in more egoic pursuits then history can mean world domination or recognition, but honestly I am happy in myself knowing that when I am authentic, however the outside might label that, I am making impacts and history in my own way. And having fun with it!

Written by Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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