Make Over

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip

For my artist date, I decided to be a blank canvas. I would let the artist design me. My daughter had a makeover and loved it, so I decided to try. I am not a young hip woman like my daughter. I am middle-aged and my taste is conservative. I am a mother and grandmother after all.

I made the appointment for a makeover. I was nervous. The shop is young and hip, with loud music, and lots of young girls all shopping for the newest makeup. I don’t have the first clue about makeup. It usually takes me five minutes to slap it on. I want to look natural, nothing flashy. I got there early, before the store was open. I stood outside with a group of giggly girls. I smiled. They reminded me of my youth, a day with the girls.

The doors opened. Maddie walked up to me and introduced herself. She is twenty-two, the same age as my daughter. Maddie is a gorgeous young lady with bright orange eye shadow and deep gold on her cheeks. She pulls off this look with ease, with her dark skin tone and youthful glow. I knew I was walking out of here with yellow eyes and orange cheeks. I would look like a clown and I am afraid of clowns. She sat me in front of a large mirror with glowing lights. All my flaws were illumined, dark circles, wrinkles, scars and all.

Maddie talked to me about what I was wanting. I told her I wanted to learn about makeup. Maddie talked to me about color and coverage. Ways to show off the natural curves in the face, shadowing and contouring.  I was instantly at ease. She wasn’t going to do anything I wouldn’t enjoy.

Maddie is an artist. Her art is with a different kind of paint. Her paint is makeup. Maddie has gone to school for this craft. She loves it. Did you know makeup requires several different kinds of brushes? Each brush has a purpose and its own name.

I enjoyed sitting back, relaxing and watching Maddie work. I was her canvas. Each piece of art is unique and beautiful. She takes her time. Maddie has a steady hand as she blends colors and adds texture. She tells me you need to wear makeup that complements the tone of your skin. My skin has a yellow tone, so no yellow eye shadow for me. The weird part for me was at the end, looking at myself in the mirror. I was Maddie’s masterpiece.

I was beautiful. Maddie did an amazing job. I have tried, but I can’t recreate her work. Maddie is a true artist, each day she creates a new masterpiece.

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