Love is an Ongoing Pursuit

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What if my vision were my Valentine?

Humour me for a second. This vision of “healing the world, starting with me“, gets my focus, my attention, my directed consciousness. It gets the best of me, so how fun to think about what if my vision were my Valentine? What show of love would it gift me? What would it put on a vision board all for me?

As my husband can attest to I am very practical. Don’t get me wrong I am all about celebrating love….ALL LOVE…..but for me LOVE is an ongoing pursuit. It’s hard for me to limit it to just one day of being loving to everyone and everything. That and oh my goodness the price of flowers is through the roof. And really those heart shaped chocolate boxes are cute and all but they cost MORE than a regular square or rectangle box and contain less chocolate. Again practical. If you truly want to get me these things, wait until next week when it’s all gone on sale.

For me it’s about the little things. My hubby sets the bar high so Vision you have your work cut out for you. Little things like putting love notes in my lunchbag for me to find. Little things like starting my car for me in the deep freeze. Little things like putting my toothpaste on my toothbrush for me. Little things like having a glass of wine perfectly timed for when I walk in the door. Little things like sharing my business Facebook page posts on his social media feed. These little things scream love. These little things are the foundation on which love is built. A grand gesture is lovely, but for me love is in the everyday ordinary of being tuned into one another and simply wanting to show it in actions. So add those to my vision board.

Digging deeper, in order to heal the world what do I need in addition to the little gestures? Vision listen up. This came super easy to me. I closed my eyes and meditated on what I needed. Sometimes it takes awhile for an answer but this time, it hit me in a matter of seconds. Nature. I need time in Nature. Take me hiking. I know. The weather has wreaked all sorts of havoc. Yes I realize it’s deep freeze and the dead of the winter out here. I also realize that cooped up inside hiding from mother nature’s wrath has created a restlessness in me. I am antsy, and less focused. I dare say agitated. I am not looking to make a full day of it, though if the temperature and time allows I won’t turn that down either. I want to feel the crisp wind in my face. I want to look up to the sky surrounded by the woods and really hear what the trees are whispering. I want to hear the crunch of the snow underfoot. I want to open my arms wide and breathe deep. Breathe it all in. I want to feel that cold air fill my lungs and with it’s energy, feel it fill my soul. I want that rush of feeling ALIVE!

So there you have it vision. It doesn’t cost a lot. It just requires time and presence and warm boots, coat, hat, and mitts. And since I am Canadian I already come with all of those things. And the beauty of Canada is that each season brings with it a magical experience during that hike. My vision board from my vision is loaded with pictures of the outdoors.

Breathe it in. Can you feel it?

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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