Lost and Found

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Staring at the screen. The blank page mocks me. Blocked. Where has my inspiration gone? Where is the flow?

I’ve lost myself again. I know because that’s my tell. The loss of inspiration. The staring, the trying, the pushing against the flow.

Despite the dizzying speed of the world around me, I feel in slow motion, like I am not really part of it but watching it from the outside. Like a game of double dutch, I am standing, looking, trying to time the perfect entry into the swinging ropes. Except I am not sure I even want to skip.

I am all over the place. Like a rat that’s discovering a maze for the first time. Stressed, frazzled and not sure which way is which. And then it hits me. I am not grounded.

For me it’s the outside that grounds me the most. I don’t have to go far outside my door. It’s only a couple of steps to get my feet in the grass. Barefoot is the best. And especially now as the weather is turning colder the cool is invigorating and serves to speed up the reconnection. The longer I stand, the more I find myself. I am back. Phew!

How do you get grounded? Need a bit of help getting there? Find yourself again by getting grounded with this week’s meditation:





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