Life’s Precious Gifts

 In Weekly Forum Discussion, Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip

I looked at my list and felt happiness. I live a very simple, quiet life. When jotting down the ten most important things from my day, I figured there wouldn’t be much.

Nothing exciting or important by society’s standards today. In looking at my list, I realized how important the mundane things that happen in between the hurtles of life are to me.

A phone call, a text with a dancing emoji, dance, self care, laughter, the feel of the warm sun, a true hug, holding hands…these treasures are my link to the outside world. They are my friends and family.

Their importance is astronomical! I am connected and reaching out because of them. I take care of myself, because of them. These beautiful souls keep me moving forward and paying it forward. I look out for others because they looked after me.

These connections are valuable. These connections are things money can’t replace. I can never replace them. They can never replace me.

I sit on the patio in the warm sun reflecting on my day, my life. I am so thankful for my quiet peaceful life. I am thankful for friends and family they are life’s precious gifts.

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