Life’s a Balancing Act

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


What comes to mind when you hear “act like a man” or “man up”?


For me it conjures a lifetime of raising men with words that they cannot live up to. With an ideal that creates the very thing that creates the gender inequalities we face. The very thing that is creating a surge in men’s mental health issues, increasing suicide rates and the driver behind men wearing moustaches in November, or Movember.

It’s unrealistic, it’s unattainable and it’s not how humans were meant to live. Imagine having all those feelings and not having a safe space to express or let them out. Imagine the pressure of you are man, fist pounding on chest, you must be strong and show no weakness.

Perhaps because I have boys I am more sensitive to that and am acutely aware but I spend more time exposing them to feeling words and expressing feelings and tears than talking about saying no to drugs. We spend time talking about how to treat others and to hold others to the same standard. E.g. if a kid in the class is crying, any kid, doesn’t matter boy or girl, how do you show compassion, how do you show empathy?

There’s an imbalance in how we approach life. Big girls don’t cry, suck it up, walk it off, it’s insidious in culture and it keeps us in a more masculine energy. We are both feminine and masculine energies. Think like  Star Wars we have both the dark and the light within us. The idea is not to eradicate either for light can only exist in the contrast of darkness, but rather to balance the two sides. To draw on the wisdom of each and to use that wisdom wisely. Too much of anything is not the goal. Balance is the goal.

So this Movember, men WOMAN up. Connect to the wholeness within you to remember your divinity, your wholeness comes from embracing both your divine masculine and feminine. Ladies, this ones’ for you too.

Reconnect to the balance within with this week’s meditation:





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