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In our world of coffee, and not the sleep, it is more important than ever to choose our automated emotional input. Our social media is both a toxin and an essential nutrient in this regard, and arguably the most readily available driver.

Our topic this week is two-fold, where like any healthy change, we first remove the toxin, and then increase the connection to the essential nutrient. 

No need to share part one:

Take a few moments each day this week to notice how the messages and people you see in your daily feeds make you feel. Disconnect from the ones that don’t make you feel good – either permanently, or use the snooze feature. As a bonus, take the time as well to consider why you chose them in the first place. What do they serve?

Please do share part two:

This is the collective genius part of our programming here in this community. What we consume as a diverse group of individual women, then becomes the culture we express into the world.

What’s in your social feed? From where exactly do you draw your inspiration? Share some examples.

We are all caregivers, in all the ways we participate in life. Do the things you feed your own head, feed your butterfly soul, or do they match the broken wings of others?

What you think and feel is what leads others.





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