Let it Go

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Immersion Coaching


What does it mean to let go of outcomes? To let go of needing control? What does it mean to let go of what’s eating at us?

Needing to let go, by its nature, implies that we are laden down with carrying responsibility, stories and beliefs. It reminds us that we are tired and this load of stories and habits is heavy. Some of the burdens are ours. And, as we are finding out in our weekly Immersion Coaching call, some burdens are inherited, picked up or taken from others and piled up on top of ours.

This week’s meditation helps us get into the space where we can let that heavy load go. Where we can put down the burdens and feel the relief. With this lightened perspective parts 2 & 3 of our Immersion Coaching homework, tuning into our desires and reconnecting ourselves to the power of mother earth and father universe, becomes much easier. So as you step into your homework this week, unburden yourself and go deep into your desires and deeper yet to your reconnection to the source of your infinite power.


This week’s meditation:






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