Let it Flow to Let it Go

 In Mindfulness and Meditation, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


It’s interesting to me that life finds a way to send you messages. For instance with my clients I often see patterns, all will show up for instance with back pain. Interestingly this will signal to me to look for areas in my life where I am taking on too much and feeling unsupported. My outer world reflects my inner world.

Last week I talked about managing emotions from the perspective of Huna. The idea being that emotions coming up are celebrated as an opportunity to clear your little black bag and master the lesson. So as the mirror reflects it’s no surprise that the discussion topic showed me what to work on. Emotions came up. Anger especially, and rage. It was uncomfortable and holy smokes (except I said a different “s” word), it was surprising. And then, when I stopped resisting it, it was beautiful. I realized this was my little black bag of long held and pushed down anger.

While releasing grief, disappointment and sadness has become effortless I realized that anger and I had to mend our relationship. I had for so long judged anger and rage as bad. After all nice girls don’t rage. So I stepped out of the story I had told myself and watched it. I let it flow and go where it needed. And amazingly it lessened, like a storm that eventually runs out of rain.

As I reflected on my week and this post I heard a whisper, “Let it flow to let it go”. The lesson, the ah-ha! I immediately pictured a river. I watch a river in amazement as it flows knowing exactly where to go and cleanses everything in its path. I don’t judge the raging river, I respect its power and allow it to flow. And so thanks to the lessons this week I have learned that like the river, my emotions need simply to flow in order for me to let them go.

Simple and powerful.



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