Learning to Learn

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


I love reading. I always have. And learning, well that just has always come hand in hand with reading. I guess I love learning too.

Even when I watch tv I tend to look for things that will engage me, challenge me, make me go, “Holy smokes, I had NO idea“.

So imagine my shock as we go back to school when my kids not only dislike reading, they claim to dislike learning. How is that possible when I’ve seen those cherub faces light up to learn something new about the solar system or a particular breed of dog?

When I probe, I start to hear the patterned responses, the stories they are telling themselves about their abilities. We’ve all been there, me included, where we tell ourselves, “I can’t“, ” I am just not good at….“, “I’m not a math person“…… [insert your limiting belief here].

In Huna, we work to getting to the limiting belief and releasing it. Replacing it with the truth. The truth being we are perfect as we are. We are without limits, as teaches KALA the 2nd principle. There are not limits. Be Free. That’s the good news. The reality is that my tween and newly teen are in the phase of pushing back on anything mom has to say even if at one time Huna was the coolest. So what does this momma do? You guessed it! I turn to books.

Jim Kwik’s book Limitless showed up in my feed because I needed to find this way to work with changing my kids mindsets without it actually coming from me! So I embark on soaking in his book, from this author whose teachers called him the boy with the broken brain. So what better story to share with kids who have that same belief?!?!  I particularly love this quote because it resonates so much with me when I think about how we are taught to play small and limit ourselves.

“What I have come to find over my years of working with people is that most everyone limits and shrinks their dreams to fit their current reality.”
― Jim Kwik, Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life

So as the lifelong learner in me, reads to rewire and retrain my brain, and help my boys do so, what are you taking on as a new learning?

Sure we have doubts when taking on anything new. We’re conditioned to. Good news is we can retrain ourselves to think in terms of limitless. Huna Principle #2 KALA reminds us to be free because there are no limits. Sink into this healing meditation to help you unlock your limitless potential. And then go out there and get what it is you want!






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