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Last week was probably one of the most important conversations we’ve ever had here in this community. What started as a fun romp through our daily lives hand in hand with our intuition, immediately opened up into a conversation about the value and practical use of our intuition – how we already use it, how we access it, and (grrrarr!) what gets in the way.


That’s exactly what this community is meant to inspire – the practical interaction with cultivated awareness. What does being “conscious” really look like when it has legs? In last week’s case, what does intuition look like as a practical reality? How do you use it? How does it aid in your decision making – daily and big picture?

And… full, loud stop.

Insert that crazy noise when the record scratches here!

The incredible thing we uncovered last week, was how many equally daily and practical interactions got in the way of our intuition! Here’s the quick list: social media, advertising, friends, family, “signs”, our own self-doubt, and probably the weather, if we’re honest.

In short, what gets in the way of using our intuition to make decisions – big and small – is anything that triggers our own self-doubt. Fair and square. What’s cool about having been able to come together and distill it into that one single thing (self-doubt if you already forgot), is that we also uncovered the solution to distilling our connection to our intuition.

The solution is certainty. This week, let’s cultivate THAT.

For your share this week, talk about how it feels when your intuition gives you a yes.

What does it feel like in your body? Is it a flash of knowledge? Is it a certain “sign?” Tell us how you know. Let’s open the door with our discussion this week to this very normal and powerful navigation system we inherently have, albeit subjective.

Looking forward to this week’s posts, Ladies.

We’re in good company.

I know like I know:


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