In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham, Writer in Residence

I look around this beautiful world and see the random acts of kindness that happen every day. The world needs these acts of kindness to multiple and grow. We need to circle our world with the glow of kindness.

Let’s celebrate our differences and honor all the elements that make us unique. As a writer, I don’t need to change anything, just be kind. I listen to the stories and history. I celebrate them the way they are, thus bringing continued life and meaning to their stories.

I am caring and kind, especially when their opinions don’t line up with mine. My compassion and caring carry a grace that brings comfort to others. The story teller in me is eager to tell their stories. I have a compassion for the unknown. These unique tales are full of hardships, love and adventure.

Being a writer I am full of curiosity. When I explore the many societies and cultures of the world I gain knowledge and respect. There are so many unique stories of different ways of life. Telling these stories will bring appreciation and understanding.

We live in a beautiful world. The kindness I see every day can change the world. Kindness towards, animals, our planet and each other can bring the peace we all desire.



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