Juicy Moments

 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Circle the Child

I love the idea of reliving the day by listing the 10 best things that happened. I refer to these as the juicy moments of the day. Sit down, grab a pen and paper and go! What do you write down?

For me, especially now that it’s summer, the juicy moments are the simple moments outdoors. Sitting and recollecting the moments of the day not only helps to record them even further into my memory, but it also helps to remind me that I am blessed with so much to be grateful for.

The list is easy to write. I never struggle to find those juicy moments. In fact, I have trouble keeping it to only 10 items because I do realize there is lots to cherish in the day. The speedy, out of the blue “I love you mom” as a kid runs by. A pinch on the butt as a husband runs by. A butterfly or a cardinal or oh my gosh, a hummingbird! It’s all miraculous and it fills my heart. Those deep delicious conversations with friends. A walk in the woods. A cup of coffee out in the yard. A glass of wine out in the yard. Learning more about a new practice that I can incorporate into my healing practice. A phone call out of the blue. A competitive card game out in the yard. The explosion of purple blooms on my rose of Sharon. The list is endless.

The most stunning thing to me, that never ceases to amaze me is sunsets. I love the rainbow of colours that melt across the sky. It’s so beautiful it almost looks fake, as though a brush of paint just smeared the golden orange and fiery red across the sky. Those coloured skies are exquisite. I close my eyes and breathe deeply. Time doesn’t exist in this moment. As I watch the sun set, everything fades away. The chatter in my head, the stress in my shoulders, it all seems to melt in that simple moment of being. And then, when the solar lights turn on and the cool air and the mosquitoes strike, it’s as though the dream is over. I awake and walk back to the house and contemplate what a great day I’ve had.

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