It’s the Little Things

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis.com

I know what it is like to have your passion die…it eventually spreads to every fiber of your being. The journey to bring yourself back is long and arduous, but worth every step.

Today my passion is alive in every fiber of my being. I keep it going by immersing myself in all the little treasures life has to offer. Just this morning I absorbed myself in the warmth of the sun. The birds were singing, the wind was speaking, the music was swaying and I was dancing along with my shadow.

My mind was whirling into the depths of creativity. In the beauty of the world around me a character was born. A new story came to life.

I don’t even need the wonder of nature. I can find a spark of passion in the cold of winter. It springs forth in the bite of the morning frost, the heat in a warm fire, the velvet touch of a cozy blanket and the comfort of a warm bath.

I can even find passion in the little things people naturally do like talking with their hands, great facial expressions, voice changers, tongue thinkers and their excited yells of delight.

These little things ignite my imagination. My mind explodes with creativity. I run for pen and paper, the words dance onto the page. I am filled with joy from head to toe.

I encourage you to go on a walk, welcome this day, the new buds on the branches, the hidden treasures on the ground, life is waiting to awaken you, let it guide you into a creative passionate adventure.

Let the little things take you awake, let your shadow lead the way.



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