Imperfect and Still Worthy

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

Perfection, the ever elusive never to be found destination because in this human condition we are born flawed. And yet, refusing to accept this, we push and continue to chase the dream, the illusion of perfection.

I love this scene from the series Bridgerton where the Duchess says to her Duke “Just because something is not perfect it does not mean it is not worthy of love” (you can check out the scene here).

“Just because something is not perfect it does not mean it is not worthy of love.”

As a reformed perfectionist I worked hard and finally traded in perfection for imperfection. The work is never done. Fear creeps up, the need to feel valued creeps up and so I work constantly at maintaining the progress I have made. I understand now that I need not be perfect, I need only shoot from the heart. When my intention is one that is for the greater good, both internally and externally focused, the outcome can only be the right one. Patience, practice, perseverance of course come in to play. The picture here for example. I played and took hundreds of photos before capturing this one. Is it perfect? I would guess not, but for me it was as perfect as I could get it. And it was good enough. And I look at it now and I see only the perfection in the imperfection. I connect with the craters of the moon. Dimpled and weather worn, we don’t look at the moon and say “oh check out its crater face“. We see its amazing light. We miss the moon when the night sky is dark without its luminous presence.

Letting go of the need for perfection has allowed me to take more risks, be more vulnerable and while yes the fall can be dangerous, the soaring that comes with achieving something I wouldn’t have dare dreamed into reality is so very worthwhile. So that is where I focus. I focus on what I dream. What can I do?  What can I practice? What steps forward I can take? Instead of focusing on a perfect outcome I focus on getting one step closer to my dreams. It’s messy, it’s imperfect at the best of times and yet the benefits of releasing the need for perfection opens up possibilities.

Where do you focus? The 3rd Huna Principle Makia teaches that where our attention goes creation flows. So focus becomes important. Focus becomes your paint brush, your pen, your clay, your magic wand to create. Be focused.

Clear your energy with this week’s meditation so you can focus on what brings you a step closer to your dream.





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