I’m Every Woman

 In Weekly Forum Discussion, Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip


Being a woman is a beautiful thing. We are so versatile, come with a full range of emotions, can tap into the core of our being, and are capable of greatness.

Our gifts are inside us. The only problem is we don’t listen to them often enough. Imagine how amazing we would be if we listened to our natural instinct all the time.

We need to shut the world out…take a deep breath and listen to what is inside. Our mind and body will tell us what to do.

Our mind and body lets us know when something is wrong. We know when we need to rest, when we need to move and when we have pushed ourselves to far. And you know what…we know how to fix it.

We are so amazing we can even tell when things aren’t right with others. Woman are great. We can wear what we want. We can cry when we want. There is nothing like a good cry in the middle of the hair salon.

I need to remind myself to follow my instinct more. My inner guidance takes me on fabulous adventures. A place where dreams come true. I pen these visions for myself and others.

This week I am going to let my inner voice lead the way. I am excited. I did this last year and amazing things happened. I realized how powerful my inner guidance was. Yet I didn’t continue. I let doubt get in my way.

This week use your natural instinct and see where it takes you.

Every woman is simply amazing.



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