I Struck Local Golden!

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“The Artist’s Date” was termed by Julia Cameron in her book “The Artist’s Way”, and refers to a playful outing, where one becomes open and receptive to inspiration.  At the end of an artist’s date, you come away with a new sense of well-being and connection, and sometimes even a new sense of creative direction.  They often reveal our inner desires.  The only “rule” to an artist’s date is that it must be undertaken alone with your own creative consciousness only.  This allows us to focus inward on our inner child, rather than outward on another person.  Artist’s dates increase productivity by decreasing our tendency to stall because we feel sorry for ourselves.  In other words, by practicing regular, fun self-care and taking time to be alone with our thoughts and connect to your inner child, your creative productivity will increase because it is free of self-sabotage and personal drama.

Ideally, an artist date is planned ahead of time, according to Julia…but I would like to oppose this idea.  You see, I believe that by being mindful in our actions and daily activities, we can experience a spontaneous artist’s date, if we are able to connect with our inner child and play for a moment, shutting out the world around us, and really experiencing a fun moment in time.

As I was shopping at my local art supply store, Curry’s, I stumbled across something that I can only describe as an enchanting discovery.  You see, I needed more 10×10 inch panels for commission work I have acquired.  My plan was to be focused and not distracted with the sales, because let’s face it, who has money for Boxing Day shopping at the moment?  Not me.  And I have so many art supplies, I may require an intervention…seriously…but that’s another story.  So, I picked up my panels, and walked away.

But…something pulled me to the acrylic paint isle.  “Just a peak” I thought to myself.  This store is always moving things around and I thought why not take a moment and admire all of the brilliant colours lined up neatly on the shelves.  I can take one silent moment for this, just for me.

As I turned the corner, I noticed that Liquitex has new containers for their paint.  They look very nice on display.  Gorgeous colours.  But not tempting to me.  I prefer Golden brand paint.  And then…my eyes caught a large sign, with some beautiful new swatches of colour…”can it be?”  I thought.  No…really?  It was!!!  Curry’s now has the NEW Golden colours!!!

In my excitement, a staff member offered to take my panels to the counter so I had both hands free to look and shop.  And for a moment, nothing else existed around me.  I might as well have been in a new shop for the first time.  There, right before my eyes, the colours I have been swooning over for almost a year.  I had ordered 3 when they were first released, from a shop in the USA, but have struggled to use them because they are hard to get and expensive with shipping.  Even though I have them, they are more like special collector’s items in my mind.

Not anymore!!!  It’s game on now!  I can replace them easily, whenever I want!  So I picked up 2 different colours on the spot, and ordered 2 that my store didn’t get in stock.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  My eyes were wide and my smile wider.  I am ecstatic!  And freshly inspired to paint and test out my new colours, see how they fit into my palette, and how they mix with my favourite colours.  So…very…inspired!

A perfectly unplanned artist date!  Just a quick errand, turned into something beautiful and uplifting.  Sometimes, I think it’s not necessary to plan a date with yourself.  Although it IS a great habit to get into in order to foster self-care and inspire creativity.  But sometimes I think it is quite acceptable to just pay attention and enjoy what life places around you in every moment.  Take the pressure off, go off the map or the routine just a little and take a few extra moments for yourself in a given day.  For it is within these moments that life’s simple pleasures will be presented to us, and inspiration revealed.  If we keep our minds and hearts open, exciting things will appear right before our eyes.

Written by: Liz Chamberlain; Lizzie Lou Media

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