Heart in a Cup

 In The Artist Date, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Liz Chamberlain; Lizzie Lou Mixed Media

Ok, so let’s try this again!  Today has not gone as planned…at all. I had planned the day to myself, and an artist date in the middle, but instead spent the day at home not feeling well, with my son who is also currently under the weather. So for my article, I was forced to look back on recent moments. I wrote what felt like a very cute article that disappeared into thin air when I tried to post it. So please allow me to try again, knowing it will never be worded as easily as the original post. But, sometimes we have to let go,  and I am practicing that now.

Ah…breath.  So important.

I had a business meeting with a friend at a new-to-me cafe, called Cafe Baffico. I made sure to be early, as I like to gather my thoughts before talking business. (We are collaborating on a series of art journalling workshops…stay tuned!)

This little cafe is exactly what I needed that day. Amazing energy, very cute and welcoming. I am in love with the clay vases for fresh cut flowers on every table…so cute!

I ordered in my usual, “I want caffeine but don’t like coffee” sort of way, by asking, “What do you recommend, on the sweet side?” I had a latte, which came with extra cane sugar in case I needed. Yum.

What really made me happy was the foam heart in the top of the cup. So perfect, like it was made with love, with the intention for self-love.

I enjoyed my latte, and the sun coming in the window while I waited for my friend. Content taking in the environment. Admiring the flowers on the table, the matching yet not matching tableware. Appreciating the silence inside while cars zipped by on the busy street. This was a beautiful spring morning, at an incredible place.

Having this time to ground and reflect gave me courage I do not experience often. It was a wonderful visit and business meeting with my friend. We not only agreed to create a curriculum together, but we planned our program! The only thing missing is the venue. I was so bold as to ask the owner if we could use his space, but he didn’t feel it was the right fit, which I can respect.

So I co-created something I didn’t expect to happen so quickly and enjoyed a very special little space in my home city. I then came home to paint, as my family had gone camping, leaving me home to work.

I love my life right now. I feel like every day is an artist date in one way or another. I paint, I meet with people, I check out new shops and cafes while connecting with my friends and potential colleagues. Being greeted with a literal heart in a cup was such a great reminder that I deserve to be happy.

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