I Matter

 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


I had the absolute pleasure of attending an empowering Women’s retreat this past weekend. It was transformational, to say the least. This week’s topic of ‘complimenting ourselves’ is perfectly timed since we spent the weekend releasing the baggage of the “not enough” curse, and the “less than” that we tend to throw around like badges of honour. Well, at least that’s how it was for me. So without that baggage, I can see clearly. It’s like the haze of self-doubt has lifted.

Returning to nature and spending time near water helped reconnect me to myself. What I came to remember with this re-connection is I have value. I belong. As I sat and thought about this topic, lots of themes came to me. Last week was a tough one in my house. Lots of emotions. My son is struggling and we are doing our best to help him. In part, the medications are wreaking havoc and we are having to figure out how to best adjust dosages. A slow work in progress. But when your 11-year-old looks you in the eye with his tears welling up and admits there are days he feels like he would be better off not being here, all rational thought leaves. Heartbroken, defeated, and at a loss, because no amount of my words and hugs and telling him he is loved beyond measure landed for him. Why the heck not?

In the workshop this weekend it hits me. I am trying to teach him self-love and yet I am not modelling it myself. A-ha moment! Cue the tears, a lot, like I mean ugly crying a lot. And then cue the journaling. A lot of it. I wrote for what seemed like hours, at least my butt felt that way when I finally stood up from the rock I’d been sitting on beside the water. My inspiration…..”Be the change you want to see in the world”. Gandhi’s words stick with me. So I returned from the workshop determined to show, to lead by example what self-love is all about. To talk about it, to be brave and honest when it doesn’t work out like I want. To be real with him. So far so good. It’s landing.

From that lens, I look at my life. Where can I compliment myself? I am a listener. I am a healer. I am a helper. I am helping others return to their truth and remember who they are. My website went live a couple of weeks ago. I am really proud. As part of that process, I had asked a few clients if they would write a small testimonial for my page. When I got the responses I was stunned.  Here’s what folks said on my testimonials page. To see myself through the eyes of others is remarkable and humbling. I am adding value. I am helping. I am pretty darn awesome. And yes, I am sharing my testimonials. Why shouldn’t I? Small no more! I matter! I am here to help others, so what better way than to share? And in that sharing even if one person reaches out then I have been successful in helping transform the energy. If you are that one person, know that I am here for you. I see your light. You will see it too.

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