I Heart You

 In Mindfulness and Meditation, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


I love emojis. A simple symbol that conveys feelings beyond what mere words can not always express. As I am reflecting on the anniversary of my dad’s passing I think of how much he loved this time of year. The way the buds would explode into blooms. The way the birds would be singing. I think of how much he loved the boy. I love that they and I continue to marvel at the miracle of spring, and in doing so keep him close.

So, my favourite emoji. It’s easy to guess….it’s Hearts. Love. I love love. I love that to say it I have a choice of a multitude of colours and shapes to allow me to express that heartfelt feeling. In Huna to love is to be happy with. This principle is linked to the heart. How perfect it is to be able to tune into my heart and have an abundance of choices on how to spread that love outwards.

You get a heart. You get a heart. You all get a heart!



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