I Dance

 In Writer in Residence


Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


I have the tools before me. I am ready. I have spent the last four years working hard to get to this point. I knew I would get here eventually. This was part of the plan, the process.

It is time to learn to use my voice, time to articulate my thoughts, time to sing. Yet I am afraid. My voice is high and squeaky. What if people can’t understand me? I can sing, but I can’t sing. What do I do?

When doubts and fear arrive I dance. As soon as the music begins I am ready. My toes take to the sky. I am weightless free; I can dance on air. My body becomes a beautiful song.

The beauty of the song transforms me to another place in time. I feel love, acceptance, happiness and grace. I am strong, smart and capable of great things. I am a gift. My mind, body and soul are one.

Dancing awakens my body and fills me with a passion. A passion that reminds me I can accomplish anything. I am fulfilled in this moment. I know all that I am and all that I will be. The dance is effortless and free. I am as light as air. I imagine a world of peace and love.

In the dance you are forgiven. I let go. My stress and pain fall to the floor. The voice within tells me I am good.

My voice is alive. I am now ready to speak each day, study each day about vocal blocks and start to record my voice. In hearing my own unique voice I will become comfortable with all the variations even the imperfect ones.

I am a unique soul ready for life and a fabulous day.


Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me how your voice sounds to you?


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