I Believe in You

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Immersion Coaching


We were lucky when Covid hit to have had each other – not just to weather the storm and the weird and the fear and the reality of the changes it has meant for all of our lives, but because we inspire each other to be truly resilient. Bravery in the new normal is a cultural agreement, and leadership resides in all of us equally.

“Resilience is the act of withstanding or recovering quickly from difficult conditions”

At the beginning of Covid we used to laugh and say “we’re bringing back reality!” It was kind of like a battle cry you hear at a protest, and it was that. Back then we were a group of alternative care practitioners who met weekly to share ideas and experiences in an effort to make each of our businesses more accessible. We would take on new members so we could teach each other, create a referral pool, and help spread the information we had to offer. In alternative medicine, the clients that seek us are the ones who can’t find answers anywhere else. We need to actively cultivate new information; we do not work alone.

Alternative health care itself is a little like Covid, just on a more intimate scale. People’s diseases come out of nowhere, take control of their lives, and the cure seems impossible. It takes heart, faith and a fundamental trust in the systems that provide solutions on the part of the client to walk that path to wellness. It takes raw belief. On the part of the practitioner, it takes knowledge, experience, grit, and a community of expertise as a resource. Just like Covid, the answers don’t come from a Google search; they come from deep human interaction, where cumulatively we say “let’s do this together.”

So when Covid hit, Consciously Woman became the solution to several other women who had thriving in-person practices, by giving them a virtual space for their clients too. Necessity is the mother of invention, and it didn’t take long before our battle cry changed from something we said in passionate protest, to something more universal, more needed. It didn’t take long for us to start caring for the new ladies just as we did our clients in crisis – with simultaneous compassion and unbending belief in life itself. No less.

“It takes a whole village…” ~ African proverb

It also didn’t take long for “I believe in you” to become our team mantra. It was just so natural, and better, it feels amazing when someone says it to you. In finding solutions for the other women in the group, we saw innovations for ourselves – and the clients we serve. It didn’t take long for our community culture to grow and inspire these women’s lives.

So here we are, a year into Covid. The new normal outside changes everyday, but inside ourselves we have the opportunity to stay centred and grounded in the core philosophy that anything is possible when we do it together. Our faces are covered these days, but our spirits are not. Perhaps they are closer to the surface than ever in human history, because Covid has created a singular opportunity to look each other in the eye and see that thing that makes us all the same – a belief in life itself.

We hope you will join us in this movement, in all the ways that you can. We hope you will see the already many ways that you do! You can say it, think it, feel it, and spread it around – now and well into the new normal.


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Spread love, not germs! And don’t forget, we believe in you.



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