I Believe in Dreaming

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I believe in the law of attraction. Although there are many factors along the way, the number one influence on success and satisfaction is based in belief. When you experience positive emotions, it is because your experiences are resonating close to your beliefs. On the other hand, when we experience negative emotions, our experiences are not close to our core beliefs. Everything you believe begins with one simple thought, that deep down, you believe is true. And the only way to really stay true to your vision and get to where you want to be is by holding that belief close to your heart. It is both the foundation and glue.

I believe I am a dreamer, and that everyone needs to dream and reach for the stars!
Listen, do you here that whisper? It’s the sound of your heart calling. Are you inspired to do something that doesn’t make sense? Or feeling an impulse tugging at you that you cannot ignore? Does an idea make you so giddy with excitement that you feel the joyful tingles and butterflies all over your body? Then you, my friend, are a dreamer too.

I believe at my very core that my path had to change, and that my head injury almost 5 years ago was no accident, but rather a divine intervention. Because at that time, I thought I was happy. But I was incomplete. I wasn’t making time for myself. I had no hobbies. I wasn’t dreaming. I was too busy doing for everyone else, like being on autopilot. I needed to be awakened, inspired, allowed to observe my life as an outsider looking in, and decide which path to take next. The universe literally gave my head a shake so that I could see it, and change my path.

I remember having BIG dreams as a kid. I took on big tasks for school projects, and was always trying to make things to sell to my neighbours, including flower dolls from my Mom’s garden. One of my absolute favourite things to do was walk to the park on a clear night, with a friend, and swing as high as I could under the stars. Dreaming of what seemed like frivolous wishes. Now, looking back, I believe I was exercising my ability to create a vision for myself.

For a short time, that vision got lost among the noise and distraction of what “should” be done, what life was supposed to look like. Until I ceased to dream, and hadn’t even noticed. During my recovery, I discovered many things I had forgotten, including play and creativity. I began to dream again. The dreams became bigger and louder until I could no longer resist the temptations. I am a creative being. There is more to life than a thankless, abusive job. I can create my own meaningful work.

There is a saying I have seen many times recently on social media. It goes like this, “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.” And that, my friends, is the key to success. It all starts with a dream, a single thought which becomes reality when we take the time and put the effort into setting a date, breaking down the steps, and taking action on those steps.

I believe, that with good intention, we can be anyone and do anything we desire – but only if we can first dare to dream. Not every dream will come to fruition, but each one is always precious in helping to discover the next step. You don’t have to take the step, but you do need to dream.

I am a dreamer, and my dreams are coming to life, one step at a time. I love that dreaming helps to show me what I want, so that I may focus my energy on that and put it out into the world for the Law of Attraction to do it’s thing.

Written by: Liz Chamberlain; Lizzielou Mixed Media

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