I Asked for Help and It Was Awesome

 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


This week’s challenge was to re-read our “Planting Seeds” article from the spring to share what we are harvesting. What came of those seeds of intention.

What a difference the passage of time can make to my perspective. I re-read the article I wrote in the spring choking back tears. There was so much hurt and anger in that post. So much vulnerability. As I was reading I wanted to go back and hug my past me.

When I look at the seeds I planted, my intention was to be okay with my vulnerability and to help normalize “I need help too and that’s okay”. It’s ironic to me that without even knowing that this was going to be the topic this week, the week I had leading to this post was a test of that vulnerability and that surrender to accepting help.

  • I asked for help this week. And I showed vulnerability. A lot. I got a massage. I needed help to release the stress I carried in my neck and shoulders.
  • I cried unabashedly in my yoga class. No shame or blame, I needed the release and there it happened. On the mat. In front of witnesses—and I am still alive to tell the tale.
  • I cried in front of my kids. I didn’t hide it. I talked frankly about my feelings and what was making me sad. It was like a conversation about what to have for dinner. It felt normal and okay for everyone.
  • I joined Weight Watchers. I have been struggling with staying on track, with eating mindfully, with feeling healthy in my body. Summer was fun, no regrets but I recognized and I asked for an extra bit of help to get me there.
  • I asked and allowed the help in this week. I presented a Huna workshop this weekend at a Children’s wellness event which was scheduled the same day we were having guests over for dinner. Normally the shopping, meal prep, house cleaning is a team effort but the scheduling didn’t allow for it. I even offered to my husband to postpone the meal given that I couldn’t help. I did have bit of guilt. He said, “I got it” and so I went, I let go, I allowed the help. And it was a wonderful and delicious stress-free meal after a great day.

The magical part is that in this energy of allowing and accepting help (because everything is a vibration), I have been attracting the help that I need. The right people have shown up to help with my website build. I have had people ask to collaborate on healing projects, helping me expand my healing practice and reach. And I had 2 people at this conference come forward with holistic solutions to support my son with his seizures. No trying, no fighting, no hustling or sweating, literally these things just fell into my lap. What a harvest to reap from those tiny seeds of intention. I asked for help and it was not only okay, it was awesome. Now I challenge you. Do it! Ask for help! Let me know how it turns out.

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