I Am Your Sunshine

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

I am the spreader of sunshine. For me the sun has always been an important part of my life, metaphorically and literally speaking.

  • In university I got a tattoo of the sun. It was (and still is) a reminder that no matter what, the sun always shines, even if it’s behind the clouds, it’s there.
  • The song You are my sunshine is a favourite of mine from childhood, when mom used to sing it to me I felt safe, loved, and as though I could feel the warmth of the sunshine. And, I passed on this song and started singing it to my little ones when they were still just bumps in my belly.
  • I know there are certain places I wouldn’t live in because I am connected to the sun. I draw energy from it and the lack of sun for months on end would be hard for me.

So how does this translate into activism? I draw the energy from that light and I share it with those I encounter. Whether a random stranger, a neighbour, a colleague, a friend, or while doing a healing with a client. Sometimes it means to hold the space for someone else when they themselves can’t see the sunshine. Helping with simply my being present, and sometimes, even being silent to allow them to share and offload can be enough to let that light shine back through for them.

Sometimes it’s more active where perhaps I share a joke, a story, an act of kindness or a hug. Sometimes its uber active when I take my passion, and pour it into my talks or my writing to share out the sun on a larger scale.

Whatever the situation needs I choose to make every interaction positive. I choose to leave every interaction with a higher vibration than when I entered it.

It’s not to say that I don’t have bad patches – rewind to a few blog posts ago – but it’s all to say that I make a conscious choice to find the bright spot in the situation and share that. And there are times that I can’t, I just can’t. So, I honour that, I am patient and I allow that. I withdraw knowing it’s my sign that I need to return to me. At which point I go out and find the sun (literally and figuratively), and with arms wide open, soak it in, feel the warmth on my face and recharge.

I guess the last thing to point out is that this isn’t truly altruistic. While of course the person on the receiving end of sunshine benefits, so do I. When I give off the sunshine, the sunshine comes back to me. I find the more I am focused on giving the light the more I am in flow. More clients come to me. More ideas come to me. More just at the right time conversations and moments happen that help me in my personal and healing practice growth. The right people and circumstances easily and effortlessly cross my path. Sunshine brings more sunshine.

It takes energy and it takes presence to be the spreader of sunshine, and the outcome is beautiful and very worth the effort.

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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