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I’m in a phase right now, a kind of personal re-group before the next push out of blogging projects. Alive Homeopathy has been simmering on the back burner (of awesomeness) since October, and I’m just about ready to re-engage. Our topics here always help to keep me focused, but this week’s topic particularly. Consciously Woman has gone through so many phases of polishing, that starting that process of building a public site for the new community feels easy, even. Looking back, using CW as the template, I can see that each stage of the project will be absolutely perfect for what is needed in the development of the site. It’s such a cool feeling, not just to know already that the new project will unfold perfectly, but that this one has also. It’s more than the sense of accomplishment. It’s pride and self-trust. I’ve had to learn so many things to have it all come together, and in starting the next public blog, I not only get to use my hard-earned skills, I get to sink in, and appreciate them at the same time. It’s a bit like skiing with new skis. I’ll be ninja.

What I was really contemplating this week; however, was the polarity of perfection that exists between my art and my work – beads versus Homeopathy. The realisation about the blog projects was my bonus! I love it when that happens out of our conversations on the private forum.

In my art-life, I make glass beads. It’s such an interesting process called lamp-work. In short, I melt glass rods all the way from Italy with a propane-oxygen torch, layering the colours, turning them on a mandrel to shape them, and then I put them in a kiln to anneal. For me, as the artist, this is such a rewarding medium, because a bead can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to make, and either way, I will be just as satisfied. To me, each bead is like a canvas, and the next day, I will pull out of the kiln something perfectly beautiful and unique. There are only a few hard rules in bead-making, but again, like skiing, those skills are learned and automated, and each time I make a new bead, I just get to enjoy the experience. In fact, my very favourite beads to make are frit beads, where the pattern that is created has absolutely nothing to do with me. It’s just a random pattern that emerges out of a chemical reaction between the different colours. In a way, each bead becomes perfect the moment I look at them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I make that assessment myself. And, I can quite easily, because it’s not really me who creates the perfection I perceive. I allow it.

Homeopathy is actually similar, if I’m honest. There are hard rules that I definitely need to follow, if I want to affect the disease in a patient at all. But, the truth is, once I select the correct remedy, the body is free to do its own magic, and that’s the real reason the person becomes better. I can create the foundation for healing to occur, but I hardly have any control at all. I wait for the chemical reaction to occur, and for the body to emerge from that process as it will. The assessment of “perfection” is judged by the patient, and progresses based on what the patient determines “healthy” looks and feels like. They are the beholder in this equation.

It’s been really neat to think of this process with respect to perfection. Homeopathy is by definition a process of mirroring disease symptoms with exact artificial symptoms, and relying on the unseen energies in the body to readjust the balance, and literally cure itself. In a way, it’s precise remedy selection on my part (as perfect as possible) that meets a reaction the body is having (the disease). The higher energy that controls the body then reads the bigger picture (chaos), and the response is biological perfection. It’s actually quantum physics, where the energy inside the body becomes resonant with the energy of the universe, and the physical state that is produced is an alignment of those scientific laws. Perfection.

I still remember my first Homeopathy class, and that was the first lecture: Well, Kids, Homeopathy is Physics. It’s physics first, and medicine second. It was an amazing thing, and looking back I think I was most fortunate to have had those first lectures on Homeopathy delivered by an Indian homeopathic physician. In India, the energies that control the physical “world” are accepted as divine rulers in a way, and we people-types are puppeted by those energies. A happy and healthy (animated) life is a result of a complete surrender to those unseen energies. Relaxing into the support of those strings actually enables us to move more freely. Conversely, when we struggle against the strings, we just get tangled. The best example of this is a 15 minute nap instead of a coffee. It takes the same amount of time, and at the end of the day you feel better, having quite likely accomplished more.

There is a lot here for me this week! Going forward each bead will seem more like magic, and in each patient’s case, I will feel more supported by the universal energies that create perfection inside the bodies of my patients because I have provided the precise remedy to excite the healing. Like skiing, I never question the mountain to provide the perfect experience. My take-away this week though, is the nuance that has come from reflecting on my first homeopathy classes. In North America, the eye of the beholder views medicine as a physical science only, and that physical perfection is a result of an almost manual adjustment of our cells. Alive Homeopathy as a project, is aimed at educating the public about this kind of health care, and I have been thinking of it in terms of providing examples of remedies as medicines for diseases. What if the perfect starting point for those conversations with the public blog is homeopathy as a practical application of Quantum Physics, where the body and it’s universe are one and the same? Perfect and whole.

The human body is already an example of oneness, of perfection. We do not have to strive to achieve that. We simply need to allow the experience.

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Alive Homeopathy

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