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Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Circle the Child


I’m really excited to be the content lead this week. It goes without saying that we built this community project to support great leaders like Laurel Crossley in getting their message out there. Laurel and I connect on many things, the heart of it being the body-mind-spirit worldview.

This is so much easier and effective when we do it together. Already, we have a core group of Founding Members who have each other on speed dial. When I need the best information, a referral for a client, or just some personal support, these are the faces that pop up in my mind first. More important, these are the people who answer my call.

A big shout out to Melanie Groves for being my partner in crime as we develop this project. A big high five to Sabine Roggermeier for jumping in last minute for the assist. And huge love for my colleagues Simone Usselman-Tod and Joy Seunarine for asking: how can I help, how can I contribute?

We’ve got a lot to do here together. The world needs us, and it’s a team sport. We are so grateful that you have joined us too.

So… what about Homeopathy? 

We’re already there. With the help of this conscious team, just the mention to our collective minds, you’ve switched your dial to Health. What is the very first thing you can do for your immune system? You can look out there and find all the ways you feel safe and supported. Homeopathy is an energy medicine. Consciously engaging that energy of safety and support, immediately frees up your immune system to do it’s job.


Try it yourself the next time you go into the grocery store.

You are met at the door by a masked person, often in black with the word “security” on their shirt or jacket. They are wearing gloves, and moving towards you pointing a bottle of hand sanitizer at you.

How do you feel? Honestly. What is your first natural reaction? Feel that in your body.

It’s probably fear and disempowerment. For me personally, it feels like my chest is being crushed. It’s not politics or health care at this moment. This is the reality you ripple into every one of your cells. Every system in your body literally switches stations and starts jamming to Dis-ease. It ain’t no cliche.

What if, instead, you used this moment as the trigger to consciously engage your personal safety check? What if you used this moment to consciously turn up the volume and rock out to Health?

This feeling is absolutely your choice. You own the radio.

So… let’s keep it simple this week. Let’s break it down into the three categories of ownership: body; mind; spirit.

But first… the ONE rule of Immune Club this week: NO Googling. None. You already know how to support your immune system. The information here will not be new. Stay out of the paranoia information loop, and feel your body in control. Feel the presence of your health. It is the only reality your immune system knows.

What’s that Marigold? YES. Your immune system plays for the Health team only. The Disease team doesn’t even pick it to make the play.

Ready? Drop the puck.

What are three things you can do for your BODY to support your immune system right now?

1. Wear a mask. This is how COVID spreads. We know this. Be smart. This is a physical barrier.

2. Wash your hands. Sanitisation and good hygiene remove most viral and bacterial threats. This is infection killing at its finest, the source.

3. Good nutrition and good sleep. This maintains the physical building blocks to your immune system if something does get past the castle gates.

Bonus: Do you know how most colds and flus get into your body? You plant them in your sinuses yourself. Keep your fingers out of your eyes and nose. have allergies? Remove as many as possible. This frees up your immune system to do the real work – as opposed to the heavy lifting you ask it to do because you “don’t want to give up dairy.”

What are three things you can do for your MIND to support your immune system right now?

1. Be smart. The mind loves that. Keep yourself informed. What are the risks? Is there something going around? Is there a recall on a particular produce? Did you just walk into a room and there’s a guy with a cold? Keep your hands out of your nose! It’s not a mystery.

2. Stay home. Be mindFUL of others. If you are sick, take a rain check. Don’t spread disease because you think you need to honour your plans.

3. Do you have any food allergies that you know about? That’s right! Allergies are stressors for the immune system. They keep it busy for no reason. Be honest. Do you eat things you know you shouldn’t?

Bonus: Work with an alternative health care provider! If you visit these professionals as you would your family doctor, you are automatically engaging in Health. All alternative care is based on a holistic and prevention model or philosophy.

What are three things you can do for your SPIRIT to support your immunity?

1. Move your body. We are spirits having a physical experience with this beautiful physical world. Are you in there? Are you getting any of that?

2. Smile – even if it is just to yourself. But even better if you share it with someone else. Allow the sharing of this experience. Amplify it.

3. Are you doing things you don’t want to do? Ask yourself why? Remove as many of those things as you can, and resolve change the ones you do, in fact, need to do. It’s a reality check. Like allergies, this chips away at your Health foundation.

Bonus: Enjoy your life. The definition of health from a homeopathic perspective is “creative freedom.” What makes your soul sing? Did you do that today?


This is a big topic, and the current landscape of health care wants you to think it is complicated – because, yes, politics and the economy of the modern world are complicated! But at the core, the human form is a powerful miracle. That is the only constant.

Life is extraordinarily simple. We breathe in and we breathe out. Do that a few times – just right now, take the pause.

What’s that Marigold? Pause:

Breathe in. Breathe out.

How do you feel?

That pause between the breath, and after a few more, you feel your chest expand inwards and relax backwards? Then your shoulders drop?

That’s where life lives. That’s Homeopathic immunity.

Here’s what I want to leave you with this week:

Homeopathic medicine is a medicine we use for disease. We take remedies when we are sick.

Homeopathic thinking tools – philosophy and mindset – are what we use to promote health. You powerfully create a life of optimal health, when you care for your body, mind, and spirit.

Engage health. Restore as needed.

Here is my offer:

Like all of you here, I am top of my class and my goal is that each and every person I meet has access to the information I have available to me. I want to help people – and I want to help you help more people too.

How can I help you this week?

What questions do you have about Homeopathy?

How can I help you feel as safe and informed as possible? 

Our collective immune system starts here. What we know… collectively together… it ripples out.

It’s go time!

P.S. How does this relate to children’s wellness? It IS possible to hand the next generation ownership of their own bodies. Not ONE external medicine was used in the production of this contribution.

Much love.



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