Holiday in Motion

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


Holiday in Motion

The days are long with darkness all around. We are heading for the Winter Solstice. The darkest day of the year. The pre holiday, shopping, parties, to do lists and cooking often leave me feeling overwhelmed. Today was no exception.

I am longing for the quiet of Christmas. The Winter Solstice kicks off my time of peace. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season subsides. This is when the quiet peace of Christmas begins for me. In quiet peace I am able to recharge my mind, body and soul.

Well today we got three inches of snow. After a long day of work it was time to shovel the driveway and walkways. As I was shoveling away my body told me to stop. I stopped and listened…silence. All around me was quiet and peace.

In this moment I realized all the peace is around me. I need to stop and be more present in these every day moments. All I seek is right in front of me. I just have to look.


Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me about a time when life told you to stop?


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