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 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion


Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Question: What is the Most Important Issue Affecting Children’s Wellness?


The biggest thing challenge I see is how disconnected children are becoming. The irony is that they are connected to devices but not to each other. Part of it is certainly learned by watching the adults but the culture within the age groups is big. From the perspective of a healer it translates in seeing more and more kids struggling with identity, with belonging and with anxiety. From the perspective of a parent we get a lot of pressure when kids in their classes are talking about the phones they have and all the time they play on video games. My kids don’t have phones at 12 and 9 and we are in the minority. Because of my son’s seizure disorder they also have very strict screen watching limits (literally we put a timer on). The thing that struck me the most this morning as we are clearing out from the snow we got. Kids aren’t out there. I remember growing up, you were able to stand, you were out there with a shovel helping the family and likely neighbours with shovelling. We were out all day. Kids helped shovel and then rolled in the snow for hours. The sad part. There are a lot of kids on our street. None were outside playing. None were helping their parents with shoveling.

Why not? Disconnection.

Outside of my healing practice supporting kids and parents I plan to be actively involved in this community to drive awareness and conversations around children’s wellbeing. I will also be participating in a series of Inner Child workshops as well as supporting the events related to and connected to the Children’s Wellness International. Further I will continue to advocate for and support children’s needs in the school system. Given all the chaos in Ontario now, I am aiming for creating a a community with my children’s school where the administration, the teachers and the parents come together with the interest of the children. We need MORE investments in schools. Meaning more support staff and LESS kids per class to create a space where kids will learn to thrive rather than feel like they are looked over because teachers simply cannot get to all the kids in their classes with increasingly high number of students. It’s hard to teach kids to be connected to one another if from a young age they are disconnected from those in their classes.

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