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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


What do I want to see in the world? Easy. Healing. Healing of the earth itself and healing of each and every being inhabiting the earth.

Covid has brought out the best in us and the worst in us. In the last 2 years of less commuting we have seen a change in the earth, in the environment. I personally took a  drive a few weeks past and was amazed that as I drove I could see the skyline extending well past what I had been able to see before. No smog, no haze, just sky and views.  What saddens me is that we have been given this great opportunity to see what the world could look like and in the discomfort of this growth opportunity we want to rush back to “normal”.  In my mind there was nothing normal about the way we were rushing to consume, rushing to sit in traffic to get to work that was unfulfilling. We’ve been given a gift to see what it means to slow down and soak in life. Given a gift to see that we can work and be part of a bigger community in different and far more connected ways.

Covid has also brought with it fear. And division. Open my business vs keep it online or closed altogether, masks vs non masks, home school vs at school, mental health vs physical health, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. The tug of war between opinions leaves a huge gaping hole between “sides”. And then add in the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. The images alone on the media are enough to send your heart rate up and your stress response into high gear.  As humans we are all trying to do the best we can. Casting judgment and feeling judged on what ever decisions we make, while in fear, just serves to weaken us further making us vulnerable to the very illness we fear.  Then we fear talking about it because what if someone doesn’t share the same sentiment as I do? The constant state of stress keeps us disconnected from one another and wreaks havoc on our health.

What if we simply allowed others to have their opinions without having to force ours on them? What if we were able to make our decisions without fear of other’s judgement or backlash  towards us? What if our decisions were made with the intention that its outcome would be for the well being of ourselves, others and the planet. Greed aside. Ego aside. What if our decisions came from love and compassion and stewardship for the planet? That. That is healing. That is the key to creating the new “normal”. One that is in balance with ourselves and with the earth. That. Simply that is my wish. Healing. Healing for the earth, healing for you, healing for me. Simple.

While I focus on what I can do to help in that healing, I always come back to me. I know that’s where it starts. And so I sit in my light and thank my immune system, my body wisdom for it’s innate knowing and it’s brilliance in keeping me healthy.

Sit here with me with this week’s meditation as we boost up the love for our immune systems:






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